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10 Superheroes Who Don’t Need A Costume!

Top 10 Superheroes Without Costume – HindiHollywood.com

Top 10 Superheroes Without Costume – HindiHollywood.com

Every Superhero needs a mask and a costume. But not all of them wear capes. Today we will talk about those few Superheroes who don’t wear or need special costumes to save the world. Also keep in mind that the list we created here is based on superheroes appeared on-screen (Movies or TV) not in comics or any other media. These are also some main stream and well known superheroes. These are the Superheroes Without Costume-

10. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter was once a superhero. But now she left that job. She still have super powers that she use to solve some crime as a detective. She is a superhero who don’t want to be superhero. So she don’t use a costume anymore.

9. The Thing

The Thing

After a blast in cosmic energy clouds, four scientists receive super powers. Out of them, Ben Grimm became The Thing. He is huge and looks like stones. In Tim Story‘s version of Fantastic 4 Trilogy, he at least wear a pent. Looks like he doesn’t need any now.

8. Professor Charles Xavier

Professor Charles Xavier

Professor Charles Xavier or simply Professor X is a mutant with power of mind. He appeared in X-Men sequel-prequel movies in simple 5 piece suite.

7. Mystique


She is also a Mutant. She has the powers of Shape-Shifting. Mystique can be anyone she see due to her blue skin. This is her true form when she is not on incognito. She doesn’t need any kind of costume.

6. Luke Cage

Luke Cage

Marvel be like- “Here is a new superhero. He is black and bald. He works in a Barber Shop and also a part time Bartender.  Costume, well who needs that?” He is bulletproof and always hang around in a hoodie. He is the hero of Harlem. This superhero shields other in the latest series of Luke Cage on Netflix.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These are genetically enhanced mutant Turtles with a bulletproof shield on their back. Sometimes I wonder why they even wear masks. I mean these are the only turtles in the city who can talk and fight. They are physically very different other than that they don’t need costumes.

4. Hell Boy

Hell Boy

He is the son of a demon. His right hand is the key to open the gates of hell, they call it the ‘Right Hand Of Doom‘. He is fire proof and wears a long overcoat with pent of course.

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3. Hulk


Whenever Bruce Banner gets angry he turns into a huge green monster. Only thing that remains on his body is his pent. Don’t mess with him because he is now angry, powerful and bulletproof too.

2. Groot


Yes, I am Groot. Although non of them has a specific costume with a logo, but they all wear a uniform before the final fight. Groot is a tree like creature who need not to wear any costume. I am Groot.  And Finally-

1. Wolverine


Wolverine has a costume in comic world but Hugh Jackman is doing great without it. His costume was teased in extended version of Wolverine (2013) movie but never used on-screen.

So, What Do You think about it? Did we miss any other superhero without costume? Let us know in your comments.