Harry Potter Movie Facts

Interesting Harry Potter Movie Facts You Need To Know

10 Harry Potter Movie Facts You Need To Know! – HindiHollwood.com

10 Harry Potter Movie Facts You Need To Know!

We are are familiar with Harry Potter and we are also huge fan of brilliant Harry Potter Series. J. K. Rowling did justice to its all characters. But here are 10 Harry Potter Movie Facts You Need To Know! Enjoy…

1. In Harry Potter Movies, all the food you see on table in the great hall scenes is 100% real.

Great Halls Harry Potter

2. In ‘Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone‘, Harry never actually casts a single spell in whole movie. He still manage to survive till end. Indeed he is a great wizard.

3. The role of Dumbledore was recast after Richard Harris (the original Dumbledore) sadly passed away shortly after Chamber of Secrets was released. Many people believe that Ian McKellan took over the role of Dubmledore, but it was actually Michael Gambon. The confusion probably stems from Ian’s role as the legendary Gandalf in “Lord of the Rings,” who looks very similar to Dumbledore.

Michael Gambon Richard Harris

10 Harry Potter Movie Facts You Need To Know! – MoviesGraph.com

4. J.K. Rowling actually provided over 70 names for the Black family tree tapestry, along with details of relations between every member for Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Movie.

Serious Black Family Tree

5. Young and Adult Voldemort are actually related to each other. How? Hero Fiennes Tiffin who played the role of Young  Voldemort in Half Blood Prince is actually Ralph Fiennes‘ nephew (Adult Voldemort).

10 Harry Potter Movie Facts You Need To Know!

Fiennes-Tiffin Voldemort

6. There are 7 Harry Potters in 7th Harry Potter Movie ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

7. In Deathly Hollows Part 1, the sequence of 7 Harry Potter, that wasn’t that easy to create. Daniel Radcliffe counted over 90 takes just for that single shot and that’s why that scene is so epic.

7 Harry Potter

7. Apple juice was often used as a replacement for butter beer in various Harry Potter Movies.

Harry Potter Beer Scene

8. During the kissing scene of Harry and Hermione in Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1, Rupert Grint was sent out from the  set because he was laughing too much on this.

Harry Harmoiny

9. The artistry crew actually designed a 1: 24 scale model of the Hogwarts Castle. 86 artists built it and it details each courtyard, tower, and field that can be shine from inside and there were over 588 sets built during the entire production of the eight movies.

Hogwarts Castle

10 Harry Potter Movie Facts You Need To Know! – MoviesGraph.com

10 Harry Potter Movie Facts You Need To Know!

10. Dobby‘s last words are ‘Harry Potter‘ in 7th movie Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1, which were also the first words  he says when they meet in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002).

11. Daniel Radcliffe used more than 160 pairs of Spectacles and more than 60 Wands during the shooting of entire Harry Potter Movie Universe.

10 Harry Potter Movie Facts You Need To Know! – MoviesGraph.com

10 Harry Potter Movie Facts You Need To Know!

Bonus Fact Points For Indian Harry Potter Fans-

1. Not only the movies but also all Harry Potter Books were translated in Hindi Language by Manjul Publications.

Harry Potter in Hindi

They all have there unique titles (same titles for movies)-

Philosopher’s Stone – हैरी पॉटर और पारस पत्थर (Book/Movie)
Chamber of Secrets – हैरी पॉटर और रहस्यमयी तहख़ाना (Book/Movie)
Prisoner of Azkaban – हैरी पॉटर और अज़्काबान का क़ैदी (Book/Movie)
Goblet of Fire – हैरी पॉटर और आग का प्याला (Book/Movie)
Order of the Phoenix – For Book- हैरी पॉटर और मयापंछी का समूह  and For Movie- फ़ीनिक्स की फौज
Half-Blood Prince – हैरी पॉटर और हाफ़ ब्लड प्रिंस (Book/Movie)
Deathly Hallows – हैरी पॉटर और मौत के तोहफ़े (Book/Movie)

2. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley both were dubbed by the female Voice artist in Hindi Language. Harry Potter was dubbed by Ami Trivedi and Ron was dubbed by Rupali Surve Shivtarkar. In and after 2nd  movie Karan Trivedy and Rajesh Kava dubbed Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and Nichiket Dighe dubbed Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint).

Harry Potter Ami Trivedi

3. After the death of Richard Harris, director of Harry Potter showed some interest to cast Bollywood Actor Naseeruddin Shah as Dumbledore. Unfortunately, due to some unknown reasons Naseeruddin Shah refused to give audition for this role.

naseeruddin shah dumbledore

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