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10 Unknown Shaktimaan Facts Will Take You Back In 90s

10 Unknown Shaktimaan Facts Will Take You Back In 90s-

10 Unknown Shaktimaan Facts Will Take You Back In 90s-

Shaktimaan’s first episode was aired on Doordashan 18 years ago on September 13, 1997 and after that Shaktimaan ruled the TV world for next 7 years with more than 500 episodes of Light vs Darkness. We spend our childhood watching stories of Shaktimaan, tried to spin like him and sing- Shakti, Shakti, Shaktimaan… Admit it…
So Here we bring-

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Shaktimaan You Don’t Know!

1. In an interviews, Mukesh Khanna mockingly said that he only created Shaktimaan just to show his ‘Clean-Shaved‘ face. Because before Shaktimaan Mukesh Khanna played the characters only with mustache, beard and wig…

Bheeshma Shaktimaan

2. Shaktimaan’s title was originally supposed to be ‘Janbaaz’. Janbaaz was also the name of Mukesh Khanna‘s character in acclaimed show Nirja Gulari‘s ‘Chandrakanta (1994)’

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Shaktimaan You Don’t Know!-

Shaktimaan Jaanbaz

3. It took 20-25 Days to shoot the first episode of Shaktimaan and a major part was re-shooted due to change in script. Here is a rare image of Mukesh Khanna ready for his next shot.

Mukesh Khanna Shooting Shaktimaan

4. Before the final version came out, there was an entirely different concept of ‘Creation of Shaktimaan‘ and a huge part of that story was already done shooting. You can even notice that part in the old version of ‘Shaktimaan Title Track‘ where Mahagurus are Dressing Up Shaktimaan. Later that story was replaced with a better one.

Shaktimaan Old Concept

5. In an Interview, Mukesh Khanna said that he even received letters from Former Prime Minister Of India, Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee saying that Mukesh Khanna has done a good thing making Shaktimaan and keeping it up.

10 Unknown Shaktimaan Facts Will Take You Back In 90s-

10 Unknown Shaktimaan Facts Will Take You Back In 90s-

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6. After the success of TV Show, Raj Comics and Daimond Comics released a series of comics on Shaktimaan in Hindi and English languages. Shaktimaan Dolls, Stickers and Costume were also the part of this franchise.

Shaktimaan Comics and Costume

7. It is not officially confirmed but the ‘Chakra‘ or ‘Manas Chinhh’ on the chest of Shaktimaan was actually inspired from these Sun-Flower look-alike signs of Mahabharat (1988) TV Show (Check out the image below)

Shaktimaan Chakra

8. After the huge controversies of kids jumping of the roof and burning each other in order to call Shaktimaan or to be like him, Doordarshan pulled Shaktimaan off air for some time, saying its harmful for kids. Mukesh Khanna hired a Detective agency and proved them wrong. Later Mukesh Khanna also released an episodes to clear that its all Computer Graphics.

9. Beside India, Shaktimaan became famous in other countries like  Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

10. Bheeshma International dubbed Shaktimaan in various Indian languages including- Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya and also in English.

And A Bonus-

Shaktimaan is Back - First Indian Superhero

After these many years, Shaktimaan is still so famous that a fan-made trailer of Shaktimaan got 5,100,000+ views on YouTube (Trailer title- Shaktimaan is Back – First Indian Superhero | Trailer | 2016 By- DK Films). Which they later modified into Mahakaal: First Indian Superhero Web Series.

If you are a fan of Shaktimaan and waiting for Shaktimaan’s to return then here is a good news for you. Recently, Mukesh Khanna announced that he will return as Shaktimaan soon. Hope that will recreate our childhood memories again.

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